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The Top Five Questions About Poo:

1. Can you play with only two players?
Technically, Poo is a game for two to eight players. It can easily be played with only two players. However, since Poo utilizes mechanics that redirect things to the players on a person’s left or right, four or more players are optimal to take full advantage of some of the card effects.

2. Ugh! How could you make a game about this?
We don’t actually show any poo. This game is designed to be cute and fun, something you can play with your mother (which we have). The cartoon-style shows only monkeys’ reactions to the poo being flung at them, or something equally as humorous.

3. When is Poo coming out?
Depends. When did you eat last? The jokes really do write themselves, folks.

Seriously – Poo is available now! Call your local gaming store and ask for a faceful!. Or, order directly from

4. Where did you come up with the idea for this game?
Years and years of personal research. We’re method.

5. Isn’t this created by the guys that made CthulhuTech?
Yup. Try being that dark all the time and see where it gets you. Usually a quiet room with crayons and colorful little pills that make the world filled with candy and shiny rainbows.